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jerry jacksons film festv jerry jacksons film festv

Rated 5 / 5 stars


awesome, very funny , Im a huge jerry fan too so this was a nice filler while we wait for the genius to make a new one.

StalePringles responds:

fank you so much I knew someone would get it...well i guess a lot of you did because im actually able to respond to reveiws

Don't Keep Me In The Loop Don't Keep Me In The Loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Enjoyed watching

Good job. That was put together nicely.

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No More Oppression No More Oppression

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Cannabis does not cause paranoid schizophrenia

While the cause of paranoid schizophrenia is still under debate, most scientist believe the mental disease is genetic. It's common knowlege among real doctors that schizophrenia runs in the family. People who have close relatives with PS are more likly to develop the disorder . An identical twin of a person with schizophrenia is 40-50% more likley to develop the illness.

Now at the same time, cannabis can cause similar symptoms to schizophrenia while "high" but they reside after the drug loses its effect. So if you're a doctor I'd concider leaving your line of field and stick to newgrounds because if I know this, you certainly should.

There are NO documented cases of marijuana killing someone from over dose. I'm sure marijuana isn't completly harmless, I'll give you that, but I can show you statistics that alcohol or even cigarettes have been the cause of more deaths than our sweet Mary Jane.

light up :)

luminousnerd responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you did some research before posting! I appreciate your review!

Why Do We Fall? Why Do We Fall?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

The animation was perfect. I so used to seeing crap on here I almost wanna call it fake. Well if you truly drew this frame by frame and didn't simply import some type of video file then Great job! Your animation was very smooth. good job,

The Spatula! The Spatula!

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You know that was really neat. I really like the spatula thats funny. What program do you use to record your voice and edit it?

Funky-Chickin responds:

I used Reason 3 for that. its part of a song..and i just thought i would throw it in there! ^_^ glad ya liked!

How to be Annoying Comp. How to be Annoying Comp.

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The dude below me was harsh. I liked it. It has a theme that can continue as long as you'd like. Plus its not some stick figure getting his brains blown out like every other submission here. Oh and the Coke spilling looked good. Continue working in Flash and you wont be flipping burgers...I'm not all that great and I get paid to do Flash work for companies so stick with it , its easy money and fun to do. peace

Greg Simmons Greg Simmons

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omg that cartoon wuz so fuckin gay man sayin fuk u over & ovr is not humerus at all it gott way to rapetetive i think u shuld stop makin flash anamatins & kill urself U FAG!!!1

Ok god that was a great review !
That was funny, I hope people can see the humor

boinky33 responds:

Most can.

littleFoot littleFoot

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well done, beautifully animated , nice bg music and a friendly storyline. You are very talented.

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